Tingo María is a city that is located at 660 m.a.s.l. on the right bank of the Huallaga river. It is the capital of the Province of Leoncio Prado and of the district of Rupa Rupa, in the department of Huánuco. It is considered high forest or Rupa Rupa.

Toponymy or origin of its name: The name of Tingo comes from the Quechua word TINCCO, which translated into Spanish means union or encounter; while the word María, according to ancient inhabitants of the place in the union or meeting between the Huallaga and Monzon rivers lived a woman named María, who provided accommodation and lodging to travelers who traveled through the Alto Huallaga valley. At a certain time they found this woman drowned just between the junction of the Huallaga and Monzon rivers. That is why the origin of the name of Tingo María.

Tingo María is known as the “city of Sleeping Beauty”, because from there you can see a formation of mountains whose silhouette resembles that of a sleeping woman.

Founded on October 15, 1938; The city had a rapid population growth becoming the second most populous city in the department of Huánuco with 46,191 inhabitants according to the XII Population Census, VII Housing and III Indigenous Communities 2017.

Tingo María is located in the high jungle, which is why it is nicknamed the “Gateway to the Peruvian Amazon”. Its environment highlights the landscapes covered with forests, waterfalls, caves and biological diversity.