Following the questions, next, we will express, What does it have to do once again with Duchess Anastasia? Well, at the beginning of the republican era, well-known historians say that in the long pilgrimage of the fluid expeditions in the Peruvian jungle region, the colonizers lived different jumbles and intriguing adventures, among them it is relevant to allude to the discovery of the unusual and inhospitable place, called «Ucayali», in which many expeditionaries dreamed of reaching, known nothing less as, the blue mountain range, when they managed to reach their destination, they burst with happiness. In short, each explorer came with different purposes, we cannot fail to mention one of them who went down in history, it is the Franciscan Father Abbot, whose goal was to Christianize the natives of the place and that, even, the district currently has your name.

Continuing, it is said that the successors of the time, in one of those unusual trips made up of wild travelers, the natives collided with a dazzling surprise, seeing a female body arrive, with a mathematical silhouette, being totally amazed.

Coincidence or destiny, the place where she (Duchess Anastasia) managed to arrive, discovers that there lived a robust young chief, well known for being the chief of his tribe and who had special powers. Upon the arrival of this fascinating and beautiful woman, in a heartbeat, he fell madly in love with her, luckily the love was reciprocal, the couple’s formidable luck, and to reward what happened, he decides to convince her to stay together for eternity, telling her, if he died before, she would become eternally part of the Amazonian gardens, transformed into a resplendent orchid, as this dazzling young woman was completely captivated by this handsome and brilliant chief, she let him perpetrate his spell proposal. This magic of love has a long spelling, because before she passed away he turned her into a wonderful «orchid» of a bright and resplendent yellow color. This anecdote of LoveStory full of affection passes into eternity, turned into hidden tales. However, in the bosom of her jungle her secrets and mysteries, her beloved consummated her oath by taking care of her until the end of her existence. The most effervescent thing is that this «orchid» endowed with its splendid beauty, we find it in different Amazonian regions of Peru and even in the South American jungles. Currently, she has her own Eden where you can visit her and admire her fine delicacy and her radiant color. In a tour of the borders of the province of Leoncio Prado and Ucayali, a place called the Divisoria populated center, in which the Peruvian cacique and the beautiful Russian dancer met. It goes without saying, there is a universal motto for everyone, because once again it is demonstrated that love is doing what the heart indicates.

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